Development of an Ecosystem Services – Life Cycle Assessment (ES-LCA) Framework of Brownfield Remediation Sustainability Assessment

Sustainability assessment of brownfield remediation alternatives is often performed with the standard LCA practice [1] . The standard LCA practice quantifies the environmental loads over the life cycle of a product/service and characterise the potential...

Understanding the effects of ecosystem changes on the circular bioeconomy through system dynamics modelling and life cycle approaches

Session 16: Applying Systems Thinking to guide the transition towards a regenerative Circular Economy (2)
Seagrass meadows, while recognized as essential ecosystem service providers, are degrading worldwide. This has a profound impact on the environment but also on socioeconomic systems which hope to utilize beach-cast seagrass (wrack) as a bioresource....

Prospects of integrating ecosystem services into Life Cycle Assessment: application to a Mediterranean vineyard

Session 06: Innovative Ways to Assess Sustainability with Life Cycle Approaches
Life cycle assessment is a powerful tool to compare the environmental impacts of different systems along the stages of agriculture production. However, when it comes to representing the multifunctional aspects of agriculture, LCA has shown...

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