Ex-ante life cycle assessment of directed energy deposition based additive manufacturing: A comparative gearbox production case study

As new technologies emerge is necessary to assess if they can actually contribute to sustainable improvement of industrial processes. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a valuable tool to determine environmental impacts and compare systems. However,...

Ex-ante life cycle assessment of cellulose nanocrystals production from waste biomass: implications of applying different upscaling approaches

Session 14: Life Cycle Innovation in the Bio-Economy
Nanocrystalline cellulose is a nano-structured biomaterial often applied in biopolymers to enhance technical performance. Cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) have been obtained in the laboratory from lignocellulosic wastes, e.g., mango seed shells [Ref.1]. Assessing the environmental impacts...

Assessing potential social impacts of an emerging technology: opportunities and criticalities

Session 12: Addressing the Social Dimension of Sustainability
The topic of social sustainability of products or services is increasingly discussed in research, companies and among policy makers. The new UNEP SETAC 2020 guidelines, concerning the development of a Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA),...

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