Assessing Environmental Impact for the Novel Waste Cooking Oil Bioconversion Process to Sophorolipids

Currently, waste cooking oil (WCO) is collected and added as a substrate in biogas or biodiesel production (Liepins et al., 2021). Research shows that waste cooking oil can successfully substitute virgin cooking oil in production...

The importance of nitrous oxide in compost and biomethane production: a general reflection arising from the life cycle approach of an AIMAG project.

The production of biomethane in biodigestors dedicated to the treatment of FORSU by anaerobic-aerobic means is a well-established reality in Italy, undergoing further expansion due to: 1) Need for energy (better if renewable); 2) Large...

Environmental Impacts Arising from the Production of Microbial Biosurfactants Rhamnolipid and Mannosylerythritol Lipid

Session 14: Life Cycle Innovation in the Bio-Economy
Increased use of assessment methods, classifying the environmental impacts of novel products, already in their development phase, reflects today’s growing interest in sustainable products. Especially bio-based development of widespread products like surfactants in the context...

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