Life Cycle Assessment of Eastman’s Molecular Recycling Process: Methanolysis

Session 03: Life Cycle Innovation in the Chemical Sector
Eastman’s methanolysis technology is a type of material-to-material molecular recycling that enables a diverse variety of difficult-to-recycle waste polyesters to be unzipped (depolymerized) into their constituent monomers. Eastman commissioned Quantis to complete a cradle-to-gate life...

LCA of Circular Systems – Use case chemical recycling

Session 03: Life Cycle Innovation in the Chemical Sector
Significant amounts of mixed plastic waste (MPW) currently end up in incineration plants and landfills. It is important that such waste be managed appropriately in line with circular economy principles. One emerging option for managing...

Development of a regionalized chemicals and plastics LCI database for robust environmental decision support

Session 03: Life Cycle Innovation in the Chemical Sector
In the context of a global commitment to mitigate climate change, chemical industry stakeholders are increasingly searching for strategies towards a more environmentally friendly future. To evaluate such strategies, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a...

Safe and Sustainable: including health and environmental chemical risks in a life cycle perspective for assessment of chemicals

Session 03: Life Cycle Innovation in the Chemical Sector
A common approach in frameworks designed to assess safety and sustainability of chemicals (e.g. UBA 2016) is that they address the safety/inherent hazard aspect of the chemical in question, as a first assessment criterium. Other...

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