Clustering and random forest classification of Canadian egg farms based on life cycle environmental impacts

Session 07: Sustainable Innovation in the Food Sector (1)
The life cycle environmental impacts of egg production systems have decreased compared to historical levels (Pelletier 2018). Key to further reductions is an understanding of differences in impacts between farms, and what variables drive these...

Expansion of the Land Suitability Rating System Model for Pulse Crops to Enable LCA of Alternative Agricultural Land Use Scenarios in Canada

Session 07: Sustainable Innovation in the Food Sector (1)
Food systems are responsible for significant anthropogenic terrestrial land use [1], nitrogen pollution [2] and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions [3]. This leaves little room for expansion of the current methods and distribution of food production....

Under what conditions can true prices enhance the sustainability of agri-food networks? – Lessons learnt from a German case study

Session 07: Sustainable Innovation in the Food Sector (1)
There is broad scientific consensus that current food systems are neither sustainable nor resilient: many agricultural practices are very resource-intensive and responsible for a large share of global emissions and loss of biodiversity. Consequently, current...

Environmental sustainability assessment of a land based Icelandic food system- A case study from a planetary perspective.

Session 07: Sustainable Innovation in the Food Sector (1)
We share a unique relationship with the world through the food we consume; our diets are the closest relationship we have with the natural world and perhaps the most important one as it directly affects...

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