Consequential life cycle assessment of wood cascading: exemplified for the German waste wood market

Session 13: Waste Management from a Life Cycle Perspective
Its contribution to the bioeconomy and to climate change mitigation is likely to increase the future demand for wood. In this context, wood cascading represents a promising concept to increase the efficiency of wood utilization....

In the quest for sustainable management of liquid fraction of manure- insights from a life cycle assessment

Session 13: Waste Management from a Life Cycle Perspective
As nitrate vulnerable zones, Flanders and the Netherlands are bound by legal limits for application of animal manure and its derivatives. The Nitrates Directive limits nitrogen (N) application to 170 kg N ha-1 y-1 and...

Life cycle assessment of methane emissions resulting from the UK’s biowaste management strategy

Session 13: Waste Management from a Life Cycle Perspective
Methane emissions from the waste sector could account for 37% of total UK CH4 emissions[1]. Waste management strategies in the UK have changed recently as more waste is diverted from landfills to anaerobic digesters and...

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