Streamlining LCA process using Simplification and DMAIC framework for process improvisation and cycle time reduction: A pragmatic LCA approach for engineering organizations

Session 18: Life Cycle Innovation and Eco-Design
In recent years, manufacturing organizations are increasingly looking beyond the financial aspects of their operations to integrate environmental (ecological) concerns into the decision-making process. Accordingly, the need to embed sustainability in the value chain has...

Insights into the development and use of a quantitative eco-design tool for the early development stages of medical devices

Session 18: Life Cycle Innovation and Eco-Design
Eco-design tools for the early stages of the development process are often qualitative. Quantitative assessments of environmental impact, like Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), can be difficult to apply early on, when a lot of questions...

Environmental impacts of Design for Reuse in timber construction using Life Cycle Assessment approach

Session 18: Life Cycle Innovation and Eco-Design
Due to its various applications and the trend towards a bioeconomy, wood as raw material is becoming increasingly important. Especially in the construction sector, the demand for wood as a raw material is increasing, where...

Eco-Design At Early Process Development Stages: Lessons Learned From The Study Of Collagen Extracted From Tilapia Skin

Session 18: Life Cycle Innovation and Eco-Design
Assessing environmental impacts of processes at early technology maturity levels is rare and challenging (Moni et al, 2019). However, which activities research teams can perform to assess environmental impacts and improve process performance at early...

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