Co-create for affordable and accessible LCA at scale

Main Presenter:    Caspar Honée 

Co-Authors:   Andrew Hudson                                               

To scale up the availability of footprint information and to make these LCA results more accessible and affordable, it is important that more sector specific tools are created that serve the needs of specific industries. This will ensure easier access for a wider audience and tailored footprint information for specific business functions.

Eurofins BLC is a provider of risk management solutions for the leather and synthetic material supply chain that guides brands, retailers and manufacturers in commercial and technical issues.

Together with PRé, Eurofins BLC created the Footwear Impact Calculator giving footwear companies reliable access to LCA results to improve their current product lines and develop new ones.

The simple to use and cost-effective tool allow assessments to be made in a matter of minutes and allows users to identify hotspots and target key improvement areas within the product life cycle of shoes.

Based on the (draft) PEFCR guidelines for Apparel Footwear, the assessment results aim to be more easily comparable. The solution features a generic LCA model that caters for a large variety of footwear configurations to serve the requirement of footprint metrics in design and for commercial needs.

This presentation discusses the relevance of sector specific solutions, demonstrates the advantages of applying digitization in LCA on the back of an actual case and explains the lessons learned in and during partner co-creation.

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