The experience of Navarra Region using life cycle assessment and management tools

Main Presenter: Sandra Elía Hurtado 

Co-Authors: Irene Eslava Lecumberri Fritz Balkau

Following COP26 many regions now see life cycle thinking as indispensible in their pursuit of a local sustainability agenda. This paper reports the experience of the Navarra region in Spain in its use of life cycle assessment and management tools to provide a more effective response to the many challenges it faces in improving the environmental, social and economic future of its citizens. Using selected LCA procedures from a specially developed ‘life cycle toolbox’ Navarra region has been able to enhance its internal operational efficiencies while also helping to improve the sustainability performance of regionally produced goods. Carbon footprinting has been applied to assess climate impacts in a range of operations and fixed installations. A range of life cycle management tools such as eco-design, EPD and supply-chain management (including public procurement) is applied to ensure the assessments result in concrete sustainability improvements, whether in municipal operations or in infrastructure planning. The use of life cycle tools backed by special training initiatives the region has realised positive results to address a number of upstream and downstream issues that had been ignored in earlier times. The paper gives concrete examples of actions by public authorities, NGOs and industrial companies. The presentation also identifies Navarra’s contribution to the European Interreg project LCA4Regions.

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