A bottom-up approach to promote application of life cycle procedures at regional level

Main Presenter: Pekka Maijala 

Co-Authors: Jolanta Dvarioniene Fritz Balkau Sandra Elia Hurtado

The use of life cycle methodologies in public administration is gradually growing even though there are major obstacles to their application [1]. Chief among these is lack of familiarity in regions with life cycle methods and terminology, and the fact that the LCA community is more focused on industrial and commercial applications than on public sector issues. To fill this gap the EU Interreg Europe project “LCA4Regions” has linked seven European regions in an initiative to share their experience in use of LCA for regional development [2]. Through this project, regions engage in a series of ‘Transnational Learning Journeys’ [3] and horizontal peer-to-peer actions to learn directly from others about how to integrate life cycle approaches in their public policies. A core of the initiative is the preparation of a comprehensive life cycle ‘toolbox’, and the compilation of a series of Good (life cycle) Practices and stakeholder case studies [4]. The project has been invaluable in highlighting opportunities for LCA and LCM in regional sustainability policy, but also to identify how to overcome obstacles in applying life-cycle approaches at this level. The project complements the wider collection of international case studies of regional-level LCA in Ref 1.

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