The Siemens Energy EcoTransparency App – Enabling EcoTransparency through Digitalization

Main Presenter: Falko Parthey 

Co-Authors: Caspar Honée Kirsten Maciejczyk Georgios Pallas Jessica Kilb

Siemens Energy’s mission is to empower customers to meet the growing global demand for energy while transitioning to a more sustainable world. The extensive range of different product variations however means that when making product decisions, an enormous effort must be spent to identify the most environmentally friendly variant.

To bring transparency for the customer Siemens Energy AG and PRé Sustainability co-created the EcoTransparency App. With this digital solution users can compare the environmental impacts of the product portfolio under customer-specific conditions such as the local energy mix or recycling rates in a simple way. Specific carbon footprints can be presented, and different aspects of the circular economy can be evaluated. Customers can easily derive improved solutions of an energy technology with lower environmental impacts.

Underneath the hood, the new EcoTransparency App directly connects footprint results for end users with robust expert defined and maintained LCA models for many technology variations. The App implements the SimaPro online Application Programming Interface (API) so that full LCA scenarios can instantly be calculated and displayed without sacrificing on data intensity and quality.

The overall solution demonstrates that by empowering a user-friendly app with complex LCA models, diffusion of easy to interpret metrics at scale can be achieved. Through digitization of LCA solutions, impacts that stretch across various stakeholders within and beyond the boundaries of the organization can be realized in an efficient manner.

With the help of the EcoTransparency App, the most environmentally friendly variant of an energy technology can be disclosed anytime so customers can benefit from solutions for climate protection, that ultimately contribute to achieving internal and European Climate targets.

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