A Life Cycle Carbon Footprint Calculator for Early Quantification of the Environmental Impact of Oil and Gas Services and Products

Main Presenter: Kinda Nachef 

Co-Authors: Edgar Montiel Elodie Marquina Guinois Karen Spenley Robert van Kuijk

Session: Poster Session 1

In 2021, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement, Schlumberger committed to net-zero emissions by 2050 within a science-based target emissions reduction framework. A key part of this goal encompasses the reduction of Schlumberger’s technologies associated carbon footprint, throughout their full life cycle.

Performing life cycle assessments (LCAs) on a diverse portfolio of oil and gas products, such as Schlumberger’s, would be unrealistic due to the time, resources and competencies required to perform such exercises. Hence a lifecycle carbon footprint calculator has been developed for an early quantification of the environmental impact of a broad portfolio of products and services, both existing and in development. The aim is to provide a first analysis of the impactful lifecycle phases of a product or service and to get an early understanding of the possible emissions reductions enabled by our actions.

The lifecycle carbon footprint tool presented in this paper is focused on the unique needs of the oil and gas industry, with specific use-phase quantifications related to the lifecycle of an oil or gas well. The tool has been developed to be user-friendly and efficient, in order to enable any Engineer, even those who are not Sustainability experts, to perform a carbon footprint lifecycle initial assessment during the design of a product. We will present in this paper the methodology used, the learnings, and the first results obtained using this tool. An analysis of the emissions computed along the lifecycle of a product will be discussed.

This paper presents for the first time a user-friendly Lifecycle carbon footprint computation tool, focusing on oil and gas industry applications. It has been designed and developed to enable the democratization of Lifecycle assessment techniques for sustainability experts and non-experts alike.

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