Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of future mobility scenarios – replacing conventional transport with a modular autonomous electric vehicle fleet.

Albert-Jan van Zuilichem
Transport accounts for most of the CO2 emissions within city centers. Three points of action have been identified to counter this problem. The first, increasing the efficiency of the transport...

The importance of nitrous oxide in compost and biomethane production: a general reflection arising from the life cycle approach of an AIMAG project.

Francesco Baldoni
The production of biomethane in biodigestors dedicated to the treatment of FORSU by anaerobic-aerobic means is a well-established reality in Italy, undergoing further expansion due to: 1) Need for energy...

A Life Cycle Carbon Footprint Calculator for Early Quantification of the Environmental Impact of Oil and Gas Services and Products

Kinda Nachef
In 2021, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement, Schlumberger committed to net-zero emissions by 2050 within a science-based target emissions reduction framework....

The ecological impact of switching from single-use to reusable healthcare products: A systematic review of life-cycle assessments

Mattis Keil
To combat climate change, there is a need to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs). Given that the healthcare systems of Western countries were responsible for 4–8% of their respective...

Environmental sustainability of tourist activities by means of life cycle assessment

Pedro Villanueva-Rey
Tourism activity is not exempt from environmental impacts since it implies travelling (road, air, and sea), accommodation, catering, and activities (social events, cultural visits, adventure, etc.). Commonly, sustainability issues in...

The environmental impact of health care in Switzerland – a case study of a nursing home

Sebastian Bradford
The health sector provides essential services to society by supporting and ensuring people's health and well-being. However, this service comes at a high financial and environmental cost. In Switzerland, the...

GHG emissions and carbon sequestration in the apple production in the context of Net Zero

Xin Chen
Achieving global net zero GHG emissions requires both enhancing sinks and reducing emissions. This study reviews LCA and wider literature on apple production globally to identify ranges of emissions and...

Environmental Assessment Of Novel Biofuels For Marine Shipping

Dalia Abdelfattah
International shipping is one of the key contributors to climate changes due to the generated emissions to air (2% of global black carbon emissions and 3% of global greenhouse gas...

Comparing environmental performance of virgin and recycled plastic in the production of (PET) bottles

Filipa Faria
Plastic pollution has been one of the most discussed topics around the world, and for this reason, consumers have become more sensitive and attentive to the type of packaging that...

ALPI SpA’s CFP project, a tool with several objectives: to know and improve CFP, to involve and enhance the production area in Africa and to enhance the final product.

Francesco Baldoni
Alpi S.p.A., leader in the production of decorative composite wood surfaces, was the first company in the world to industrialize the manufacturing process. Today, it is spread over an industrial...

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