ALPI SpA’s CFP project, a tool with several objectives: to know and improve CFP, to involve and enhance the production area in Africa and to enhance the final product.

Main Presenter: Francesco Baldoni 

Co-Authors: Valeria Bettini Luca Minucci

Session: Poster Session 1

Alpi S.p.A., leader in the production of decorative composite wood surfaces, was the first company in the world to industrialize the manufacturing process.
Today, it is spread over an industrial area of 180,000 m2 (of which 52,000 covered) in Italy and 346,500 (of which over 67,000 covered) in Africa. (of which 52,000 covered) in Italy and 346,500 (of which over 67,000 covered) in Africa. The company’s presence in Africa began in 1975, the year in which the first plant was opened in Cameroon to ensure a constant supply of raw materials.
Over the years the Alpi Group has developed its activities to ensure direct control of the entire supply chain, from the log to the processed products, also pursuing an important forestry and social commitment for the development of the territory.
The Alpi Group is today one of the main industrialists in the wood sector in Cameroon, operating through the African companies of the group: ALPIcam Industries (veneers, plywood, sawn timber), ALPIcam and Grumcam (sawn timber and logs) whose products are marketed by L.E.S. the Italian trading company. All operations take place in perfect synergy with the Italian mother company.
ALPI operates in transparency in environmental and social issues, constantly aiming at excellence in the use of natural resources.
At the base of each “ALPI” wood; Poplar, Linden and Ayous, there is the origin from a responsible and sustainable forest management, which operates in the maximum respect of the environmental biodiversity. Moreover, the direct control of the entire supply chain by the company ensures the guarantee of legal and sustainable origin of the wood and the total traceability of the product.
The maximum attention is also focused on the safety of workplaces and environment, an advanced internal system for the purification of industrial water is a guarantee of this.
Thanks to the lucky intuition of Valerio Alpi to build a barge used as a transportable plant, which was towed from the port of Ravenna to Africa, starting from 1975 ALPI established itself first in Cameroon and then in Ivory Coast.
Today, after more than 40 years, it holds licenses for the management of 500,000 hectares of forest, also guaranteeing the development of local communities in economic and infrastructure terms. The synergy between the African plants and the parent company in Modigliana is very close.
The CFP of organization (ISO 14064-1) represents the tool for organizing the activities and relationships between the parties in the best possible way, taking into account the sustainability of the entire supply chain.

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