Life cycle competences to drive life cycle innovations

Main Presenter: Maria Rydberg 

Co-Authors: Sara Palander Marie-Louise Lagerstedt Eidrup

The Swedish Life Cycle Center brings together Swedish life cycle competence and front-running companies. It has been instrumental in developing and adopting life cycle approaches in the Swedish society, whilst making important contributions to international initiatives.

Throughout its 25 years, the partners involved have varied, but an applied life cycle approach has been the basis of all research and projects carried out within the Center. The common denominators of the journey are the Centre’s core values and principles and hosting an environment with the best conditions aimed at mutual learning and co-creation. Collaboration is one of the most important ingredients in the life cycle perspective and for real sustainable innovations. The center has created arenas for collaborations and networking that involve both partners and other organizations through research projects, round table dialogues, education, PhD Courses, government agency networks. To succeed, these activities are identified and co-created among stakeholders, built upon needs that are asked for and needed.

Recently the center has seen a rise in demand for new competences, knowledge, and information within the life cycle field. The increased demand is seen in both industry and the rest of society and with that follows new needs and wants from the partners to the center. An issue that is becoming increasingly important is the issue of competence, both how to reach out and meet the demand and how to offer development for those already fluent in life cycle.

To understand more about the increased demand and how the center can continue to be an arena that meets the partners needs as well as contributing to applied life cycle thinking in society a study has been carried out. During the spring a study will be carried out that aims at mapping the need of different life cycle competences, and the opportunities that the life cycle competence provides companies when it comes to handle the large and complex system changes. Partners to the center will be interviewed on how to meet increasing demands of life cycle competence and life cycle information, but also on how to maintain or take one leading role and increase its competitiveness and manage a circular economy, energy transition, and a more sustainable consumption and production system. Results from the study together with reflections from Swedish Life Cycle Center will be presented at the conference.

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