Life Cycle Assessment On Calcium Zincate Production Methods: A Review

Main Presenter: Sergi Arfelis-Espinosa 

Co-Authors: Pere Fullana-i-Palmer Alba Bala

Session: Poster Session 1

The main routes that have been studied in the synthesis of Calcium Zincate are: 1) Hydro-chemical route, 2) Hydro-thermal route and 3) Hydro-mechanical route. These conventional reactions present several drawbacks, being the Hydro-thermal route the most competitive one. Mainly, they require a relatively long residence time and numerous steps.
The present study will work out the life cycle environmental impacts of a new route, hydro-micro-mechanical route, and compare it with hydro-thermal route at a lab-scale. This new route, patented by EASYL (2016), may be operated continuously and at industrial scale. Its environmental impacts, at this level, will be assessed for the production of Calcium Zincate for 7 different scenarios. In addition, the results will be forecasted for 2030 and 2050 taking into consideration the European electricity mix modifications according to SDGs Roadmap.
Finally, this comparison will be complemented with an economic analysis and an optimisation of the logistics and distribution strategy.

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